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 Kevin Saundersons
Giovani Dj set @ Karma w/Basteroid
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Genere:              Tech / Deep / Bass / Trip

Hometown:         Bogota, Colombia

Label:             TRILOGY

About:   Dj / Found

Giovani, under the name of  Dj Switch, started to Dj in 2000, 3 years later
he had his first residency in a small underground club called "SubRoyal"
in Bogota, Colombi.
He was playing all sorts of music from Techno, Electro, Tech-house to
New-School Breaks.
Then he spinning for  some popular clubs in Bogota city like Monitor, Barbarella, Arena, La Sala and 4Rooms ‐ he had a huge success and got the attention of Ultrabass collective whom, in 2004, invited him to play at the Bogotraxx Festival which is a self‐funded independent festival with the objective to spread electronic art and music to the different sectors of Bogotá with free concerts and workshops. 

This festival has the participation of Djs from Germany and France where this festival was celebrated simultaneously.

Giovanni’s participation in the arts and electronic music festival Bogotrax propelled a European tour later on, 2004 where he spinned in:
 Batofar (,
 Glazart (, 

Rexclub (,

Le 4 sans (,

Le fleche d’or (,

Technoparade 2005 (

Le Placard Headphones Festival 2005 (

and different private parties until the end of the 2005’s summer.

In 2006 Giovanni moves to New York where he has played ever since his arrival ratifying his sometimes‐quirky, somewhat‐spacey always‐banging style of mixing, earning respect among the industry members and fans.

In the big apple Giovani had a residency in Bar 13, and co-founded of Biatch Corp collective that, in july 2007, started as techno parties and in 2008 was established also as a recording label.

Year 2010, Giovani, founded TRILOGY NYC his own label events with a big success. Booking and focused in Techno Djs like "The Advent", Tom Hades, Sasha Carassi, Cari Lekebusch, Sian, Monoloc,  to name a few.

Held in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Giovanni: "I Like Warehouse Techno Parties"

He has shared the stage with the following artists:

Moby, Stephan Bodzin, Perc, Daso, Dj Chloe, Jussi Pekka, Luca Bacchetti, Swayzak, Danton Eeprom, Deepak Sharma, Santos Resiak, Silicone Soul, Efdmin, Jamie Kid, Thomas Melchoir, My My, Gregor Tresher, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Joseph Capriatti, Abe Duque, John Selway, Stewart Walker, Trent Cantrelle, Damian Lazarus, Stimming, Dinky, Jona, Joey Beltran, Misstress Barbara (WMC Miami 2009) , Delete, Three, Shlomi Aber, Pablo Bolivar, Jeff Samuel, Guido Scheider, GummiHz, Tim Green, Lee Curtis, Guti, Brendon Moller, Markus Mehta, Derek Marin, Metope, Benno Bloome, Ambivalent, Insideout, Funkstrorung, Monkey Bros. Peter Corvaia, Connie, Lenny Posso, Dennis Rodgers, Andrew Technique, Chopstick, Ascii Disko, Flavio Diaz, Namito, Pierce, Kyle Geiger, Xpansul, Martinez, Lawrence aka Sten, Karri O, Pfirter, Darko Esser, Someone Else, Cari Lekebusch, Steve Rchmad, Henry Saiz, Marc Marzenit, Jeff Mills, Alex Bau, Markantonio, Pawas, Sian, Monoloc, Dustin Zhan, Sasha Carassi, Tony Rohr, Mathias Schafaulser, Taster Peter, Marko Nastic,Erphun, Lucio Aquilina, Massimo Di Lena, Pig & Dan The Advent, Luigi Madonna, Tom Hades, John Tejada, Italo Boys,

  and, More.

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